Flaming Star in Stuttgart

Flaming Star Store
Nesenbachstr. 48, D - 70178 Stuttgart

Phone: 0711 - 6 20 21 17
Fax: 0711 - 60 15 49 72

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 12:00 – 19:00
Saturday 11:00 – 18:00

Melli's Dos 'n' Dyes 0711 - 22 07 00 90
Appointment set up per telephone

Our Assortment in Stuttgart...

Girls Clothing: Flaming Star, Badly, Banned, Baseball-Jacken, Brixton, Collectif, Dolly & Dotty, Emily & Fin, Hell Bunny, King Louie, Killerkirsche, Küstenluder, Lindy Bob, Logoshirt, Loungefly, Pussy Deluxe, Rumble 59, Sourpuss, Steady Clothing, Vive Maria,  ...and lots more of Rockabella & Retro Clothing!

Men Clothing: Flaming Star & Stuttgart Shirts, ATO, Baseball Jacken, Brixton, Dickies, Liquor Brand, Logoshirt, Rebel Rockers, Rumble 59, Steady Clothing, Spirit of 76, Warrior Clothing and lots lots more for Rockabillys and Rock'n'Roll Lover.

Clothing Kids: Flaming Star & Stuttgart Shirts, King Louie, Logoshirt, Six Bunnies, Sourpuss...

Accessories & Gifts: Äffle und Pferdle, Der kleine Maulwurf, Ugly Dolls, Pin Up Haartücher, Taschen und Geldbeutel, Gürtelschnallen, Pomade, allerlei rund um Bad und Küche, Elvis & Johnny Cash, the best gifts ever, lots of strange and funny stuff from around the word...

...and don't forget our fantastic 2 hairdresser Melli & Jeanette from Melli's Dos'n'Dyes!


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